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The Big Day

So earlier in the month I attended the wedding of Chris & Teresa Freeman and what a pleasure it was. It was the village of Pevensey just outside of Eastbourne in East Sussex. I did a lot of running around in the village and I spent a lot of time there in the days leading up to it, but the preparation really paid off I got some stunning photos of the ceremony as expected. We had a few minutes to spare over at Pevensey Castle for a group photo before the happy couple went for a romantic walk around the grounds. I advise all couples that hire me to have that little bit of time together away from there guests and use it enjoy the beautiful surrounding and reflect upon the ceremony.

For me this is like gold, I don’t have all the hustle and bustle of the family and friends competing to get random posed shots. I also get to see both the couples emotions as they reflect and at any point if i see or if i know of a great point I will interact with them to gain the image i know they will want.

Towards the end of the couples session I took some shots of Teresa on her own and from out of nowhere a cute little girl that was out for a walk with her father approaches Teresa and hands her a buttercup. This moment was priceless the surprise and amazement Teresa had from this little girls actions really made for a series of great shot’s and it even left me speechless.

Just this moment it’s self was truly an embracing memory, moments like these are why i choose to do what i do and they reinforce my desire to be the best wedding photographer in Sussex.

The morale of the story is that planning and preperation is a must but remember expect the unexpected and those real spontaneous moments if captured will always be the highlight of any bride and grooms wedding day.

A truly fabulous wedding venue The Priory Court Hotel, Pevensey

Pictured here is the fabulous Priory Court Hotel based in Pevensey, East Sussex.
The Owners Peter & Vicky have really pulled out the stops to make this one of the most desirable places to have a wedding reception. Across the Last 2 Years they have completely renovated the whole property and it’s grounds.
This place will no doubt be very, very busy in the coming months.

Just look at the wonderful garden and surroundings at the rear of the building,
be sure to check this place out if you are looking for a top notch wedding venue close to Eastbourne in East Sussex. Pevensey it’s self is a really nice village with St-Nicholas’s Church, and the Castle very close by.
This really is a photographers dream to shoot here. I can’t wait to photograph Chris and Teresa’s wedding on Saturday.
Just down the road less than a 5 minute walk away there are shops in the Westham high street and a train station to take you into Eastbourne.

Pictured on the right you can see the gardens are really lovely well kept and there is clearly enough room for a nice sized Marque and a few hundred guests. This place should certainly be on the wedding venue short list.